Sunday, May 20, 2012

Trinidad Pier Almost Ready For Prime Time

The old pier is gone and the new one built right over the old one in the same location is almost ready to open.  There are many improvements over the old one.  The new one has steel pilings and a concrete deck. The old one was made of wood.  

There will be walk lights along the railing all the way down.  Also improved are the facilities for commercial crab fishers with new buildings and 4 new hoists to bring crab up to the pier from the boats below.  A new ramp down to the boat dock is also a nice improvement.  Lots of shiny aluminum for railing and fixtures too. 


  1. Real nice, what will be the new fees? No free lunch, so expect steep fee curve for all users... Hallmark's old wood pier was just fine, this is kind of over engineered a bit for the volume up here in the bay...just sayin'

  2. Well, the rancheria paid for it and they've got boat loads of cash. Maybe they won't need to stick it to us...

  3. The creosote in the old pier was polluting the harbor. Eventually it was going to have to be replaced with something more environmentally friendly.

  4. No one in this economy has "boat loads" of cash. It's a private pier, and that's very rare! Most piers are completely owned and operated by local municipalities, Cities, Counties, where tax payers dollars go to upkeep the pier, energy costs for lighting, cleaning, and staffing. But in this case, the Rancheria pays for it all out of pocket. I hope they don't increase the fees too much, but, I would understand why. Especially when they have services such as giving people rides to and from town when parking is full down at the beach... that's a pretty nice perk.


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