Friday, June 8, 2012

Devon The Dominator Kills 5 lb's of Burrito In Under 5 Minutes

Yesterday at the Eureka Summer Concert Series first concert of 10 for the season, a contest was held.  Who could eat the most Rita's BurritoExtremo, a delicious 5 pound burrito.  Four brave and hungry contestants stepped forward during the break of the reggae band 'Top Shelf" to get to the bottom of this extreme dish.  Each contestant had their own with 5 minutes to see who could finish the most.  See the video for more.

Crowds were smaller for the first concert of the season due to weather.  Rain was predicted but it was a no show.  The next concerts are at 6 pm Thursday night on 1st and C Streets in lower Old Town on the water front boardwalk and run for a total of 10 concerts. 
The sun came out at the end of the day and made for some great pictures of the bay.

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