Friday, June 1, 2012

Trinidad Art Nights Tonight

Saunder's Park will have two fireshows by Circus of the Elements. One is at 8pm followed by another at 9pm. The Afterparty at the Ocean Grove will have music by two bands, Ras Melbourne with the Survival Band, and the IRM Band with Sam. Admission is only $5, show is at 9pm.

Come by the Trinidad B&B for live classical harp music with Howdy Emmerson.

JD Jeffries, Joe Garceau, and Tim Breed will all be playing there own original music at various venues.

Come by the Town Hall to view beautiful photography by Wendy Carney. There will also be an entire panel of musicians and songwriters playing throughout the evening

Make sure to stay tuned with the events schedule to see what the businesses are up to.

Here is the complete schedule

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  1. Your link goes to the night of May fouth.


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