Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Big Pete's Pizzeria Closes Eureka Location

I was surprised to see the lights on and nobody home tonight as I drove by Big Pete's New York Style Pizzeria on 5th Street.  Big Pete's couldn't make a go of the location that was formerly a Pizza Hut.  While Big Pete's has way better pizza than Pizza Hut, something about the location might be at play.  Pizza Hut still has locations all over the country and Big Pete's still has it's original North Town Arcata location on  G St. where business is booming.

I am a big fan of pizza especially New York Style. It is a thin delicious pizza one can pick up and eat. The thick Chicago pizza pies were something I liked when I was young but I have outgrown those. If you're like me and love New York Style pizza but live in Eureka instead of Arcata you're in luck.  Paul's Live From New York has just opened a second location and it is in Eureka at 6th. and F Street. Paul's Live From New York has been in McKinleyville for years now so I wish them luck in Eureka.


  1. That's too bad ... we were frequent customers there. The closure may explain the surly service we experienced on July 4th, however!

  2. They also never put in a real sign. You could see McDonalds and Burger King from the stop light on the corner where they were located but there was no lit sign for Big Pete's. That and I heard from someone else that the service wasn't up to par. Good pizza when you could get it.

  3. Paul's is outstanding. Slice, salad, and drink lunch for $5.95 is tough to beat. Great seletion also. Big Louie's is also hard to beat if you like all-you-can-eat places.

  4. Your mother delivered frequently. meth shut Pete's down as well as gay porn industry wanted to filmin the bathroom. TRUE THAT BITCHEEEEEEEEEEEE

    1. Yeah, I heard it es old Peres breath;it smelt like pig nuts during mating season. YO, TRUE THATBITCHEEEEEEESDSSSDE

    2. Yo, go to Pete's nuts for a slice to go, then run muther f'ersssssssssss


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