Monday, July 16, 2012

Bomb Squad Removing Ordinance From Eureka Waterfront

Some digging at the edge of the water between H and I Streets has piles and piles of tailing's piled under tarps as preparations are being made to extend the waterfront boardwalk north from it's current location.

A 150 millimeter artillery shell has been discovered and the Eureka Times-Standard newspaper on its twitter site tonight says the EPD Bomb Squad used a small robot to retrieve the recently uncovered shell.  Unfortunately the robot seems stuck at the moment. Here is a tweet from the Times-Standard. "Robot has been having technical difficulties. Looks like they are going to put it on a wagon and pull it over to the safety box. Reporter back at the scene."

The story is still unfolding.

Update: The bomb shell was put into the safety container but when they were loading it onto the truck they dropped it. It didn't go off and they are weighing their options.

Update: Times-Standard says the bomb is safely on board the bomb squad trailer.

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