Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Caltrans Removing Eucalyptus Trees From U.S. 101

U.S. 101 Southbound near Murray Field is down to one lane as Caltrans is working on removing some trees.  Originally Caltrans planned to remove all of the trees along that corridor but opposition has them now only removing the last 7 or so trees.  Those trees are said to be a flight hazard for planes at Murray Field and so they will be cut down to their base but the rest will be spared. 


  1. The rest will be spared? As if its some sort of extreme crime to be a tree, in the wrong place. It may as well be, they look at them as criminals if their in the way of something man wants done.

    -Carlos Hernandez

  2. The original plan was to take them all out. The info I have says just the 7 on the end by the runway. Sounds like a good compromise was worked out.

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  4. If those trees are obstacle, why not transfer them, instead of cutting down.

  5. I think transfer them is good option as already they had cut lot of tree. Atleast save tree now Tree Service Birmingham

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