Friday, July 6, 2012

Mad River Bridge To Be Removed This Summer

Eureka – Caltrans has announced that the Mad River Bridges project on Route 101 remains on schedule for all lanes and ramps to be open by late winter 2012. “We are still ahead of schedule,” said Caltrans Resident Engineer Tom Fitzgerald, “and construction work is currently being done for the new Central Avenue offramp and the rebuilding of the northbound onramp, also from Central Avenue.”

“The old truss bridge is scheduled for demolition later this summer, and some off highway work will continue through spring 2013. This will include planting and landscaping activities.” Fitzgerald said.

A southbound bicycle detour has been lifted for the project, and the northbound detour will be removed once road work is completed this winter.

Golden State Bridge is the contractor with Mercer Fraser Company sub-contracting earthwork and paving.


  1. I'd appreciate knowing if they're going to repave the bridge, both directions. There is a super long ridge in one lane northbound, and also grooves where they ground out temporary lane stripes. The ridge doesn't strike me as too safe in wet weather if you were to change lanes and hit it. As new bridges go, it's disappointing the condition of the roadway is so poor.

  2. "Henchman Of Justice" says,

    Anonymous has good points.....maybe they'll repave another layer over everything because the grooves are dangerous, double lines are problematic, the transition to the slough bridge to the south is a severe jolt, the center divider between Mack town and Arcata is gonna get work done for safety, etc....seems like a bunch more smaller items to resolve....and it does not include Arcata's plan for a trail network to the 299 interchange area... and Caltran's needs to do 3 lanes between Valley West and McKinleyville now, not later. - HOJ


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