Thursday, July 26, 2012

Slow Traffic U.S. 101 Near Humboldt Hill Day 2

Today we once again have some major backups on northbound U.S. 101 from about College of the Redwoods, all the way to Elk River Road just past Humboldt Hill.  There is no real way around this so just plan accordingly. 


  1. I went through the deal yesterday and was amazed that there is actually no real reason why there's a bottleneck happening other than drivers slowing down because a cop car sits in front of the construction going on. There's plenty of room to move faster but people are so conditioned to obey police they slow way down, poke along through the construction zone and this backs up traffic for miles. If the cop wasn't there I bet there would be no bottleneck happening.

  2. This was not planned well- I saw 7 or 8 different people
    take off onto the CLOSED off ramps. Yes, they are jerks.
    But it was so backed up tonight I think a couple folks ran out of gas. Just sayin.


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