Sunday, July 15, 2012

Trinidad Under Construction

The pier project is just about finished. The old creosote timbers that held the old pier are gone, along with the toxins that they leached into the sea life in Trinidad Harbor.  The new steel and concrete pier stands in its place and is ready for a lot more than just fishing.

The sidewalks have been torn up to put in handicap ramps and those little yellow rubber bumps that help the blind to navigate crosswalks. Along with that construction is a new buried power cable to run the new street lights that are being installed.  The new lights shine down but not up and out.  This allows for better star gazing on clear nights.  

In on case the sidewalk is brand new.  What was once dirt for pedestrians to use crossing under the 101 freeway is now a brand new expanse of concrete.  More work is scheduled to be done on the 101 bridge in the future.  Much of this is part of the Trinidad Gateway Project.

Susan Morton and her horse drawn Redwood Express stands ready for passengers on Saturday afternoon. Behind them one can see the Trinidad Museum and 2x4 construction of what is to become the new library. 

Cashie's Catch Cafe, which sits empty on the parking lot across from the post office has been closed all year. The business has been recently bought by new owners and they have some grand plans for the little restaurant.  Currently the owners of Humboldt Homemade Meals, and now the new owners of the Catch or what ever they are going to call it are tearing out the patio and getting ready to ad an enclosed dining room.  


  1. We are lucky to live here.

  2. Been to this place before and I like it. How much more today?

  3. Hey Trinidad!
    Imagine greatness!:

    If they can do it............


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