Wednesday, August 29, 2012

California Beats Texas In Job Growth, Even With Higher Taxes

The largest economy in the country has finally started to create jobs.  California has lagged behind many states when it comes to jobs growth during the "Great Bush Recession" and Republicans have used our state as a punching bag and an example of what happens when you have consumer protections and higher taxes.

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Texas has no income tax, almost no pollution controls or laws, is super business friendly and is bigger in land mass than California.  For months they have bragged about the growth there and how great things have been during the economic downturn or "Great Bush Recession".  Texas has lured many a California company to the business friendly lone star state with lower taxes and almost no anti business regulations.  What has that gotten Texas?  A lot of jobs in a very polluted state.

Enter California.  For the past two months, California has out paced Texas in jobs growth.  That's right, when Texas lures a California company to leave the state, Californian's just create more companies.  California has long led the way for business growth but many of them leave due to better business climates in other states and countries. Problem is, those other states and countries are not California.  You can have more money and live or do business in an undesirable place or you can be in California.  You can't take the beaches, rivers, mountains, or even Hollywood with you when you go. Those things stay here. It all comes down to whether you want to be a rich person in a poor state or if you would rather be a poorer person in a rich state.  California is rich in so many things.  We are just starting to get our fiscal house in order and as we do, expect growth and prosperity.  Not the bubble growth that comes from Bankster scams or unsustainable growth from temporary military contracts or other non sustainable businesses, but real growth.  It is slow and sometimes it is hard but it is ours to be a part of.

Lets grow this state and show the rest of the country what a sustainable growth model looks like. We can do it green too!

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