Friday, August 31, 2012

Electricity Out For 730 Westhaven and Trinidad Residents

Residents are in the dark between Trinidad and Westhaven this morning. I spoke to Brittney at PG&E and she said that there were about 730 residents currently in the dark.  She said that there was a PG&E "Trouble Man" in the area checking lines to see what the problem is.  She said after he checks the lines, if there is no sign of  a downed power line or branches or other objects shorting out the lines, he should be able to re-energize the lines soon.  If a real repair problem is found, a repair crew will be dispatched to the area to fix it.

UPDATE: Power was restored to at least some residents at about 11:50 AM today.  I am still waiting for a return call from PG&E to see what the cause of the outage was. 

UPDATE 2:  12:15 pm PG&E has found a downed tree on one of the lines.  Power is still out to about 460 customers in the area.  A crew is heading to the downed tree to remove it and restore power.

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