Monday, August 13, 2012

Fog Turns To Sun And Construction Continues in Trinidad

The fog turned to sun in Trinidad today and with it a gloomy Monday became wonderful day for workers and tourists alike.  

The town is undergoing construction from the new Gateway Project to the new Library and restaurant makeover.  New street lights are designed to point light down to the sidewalks and not up into the sky.  This makes for better star gazing and less light pollution.  The new sidewalks offer better handicap access at intersections. 

The section adjacent to the southbound exit where the Women in Black stand has been landscaped with a sidewalk all the way around it.  The library and what was Cashie's Catch Cafe soon to be The Lighthouse Grille are both taking shape. The new Lighthouse Grille will have added indoor dining that has been needed since the building was built. There is even a new house being constructed just across the freeway which can be seen from downtown.  


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