Thursday, August 9, 2012

Martin Cotton Day Concert Old Town 4 pm Today

Bill Holmes will be playing a free concert in honor of Martin Cotton the second.  Martin Cotton was beaten by Eureka Police and died in their custody.

The free acoustic performance will be at the Clarke Plaza at 3rd and E St in Old Town Eureka starting at 4 pm today and is scheduled to run until 6 pm. 

Here is more on Martin Cotton


  1. If you are just into music, after this concert there is another free 2 hour concert at the foot of D Street and the waterfront. It is just a couple of blocks away and it starts at 6 pm and goes until 8. The band is Twice as Good and they just might be.

  2. It seems like a horrible precedent. Remembering a deceased person is fine. Creating a 'day' out of his death, particularly if it will be celebrated every year, well, I'd reserve it for people worthy of accolades. His claim to fame is merely the circumstances of his death. I certainly wouldn't bring my family to a day memorializing this guy.

  3. There is a song and Bill wrote and performs it. Once something is a song, book or movie there is no turning back. Martin Cotton was one of the first victims in what appears to be a continuing and growing militarized police presence on the streets of our country. We can resist that and learn from our mistakes or we can just accept it when the police shoot or beat to death our children. It is not about fame. All the fame in the world won't bring Martin Cotton or Kelly Thomas or Manuel Diaz or Oscar Grant. They might not have been great people in all of their accomplishments but they were not given the chance for a trial due to a militarized police force. I miss Andy Griffith.

  4. thanks for sharing.


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