Thursday, August 16, 2012

No Audio For Rex Bohn On Talk Shop

Photo from Web site

Newly elected and appointed Humboldt County Supervisor, Rex Bohn was on local radio station KINS FM   on the local show "Talk Shop" hosted by "Mover of Mountains", Brian Papstein. I got the link from an aggregater  or what ever you call one of those customized internet crawlers, at the North Coast Journal but when I clicked it, I could find no way to play any audio. It took me to the KINS web page like it was supposed to but there was no player.  I was sad because Rex Bohn is the brand new guy on the Board of Supervisors and I wanted to hear what he and Brian had to say.

Maybe there is late night editing going on or a glitch,  or there was something said that I missed that had to be pulled. Either way there is no audio to click on. I hope they get it fixed.
 Update:  It took them until today to get the player at the link but you can now hear Rex Bohn at the above link.

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  1. Maybe my player became unplugged or something. Did I fail to get a Java download? Doah!


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