Monday, September 10, 2012

9/11 In 5 Minutes, The Condensed Version

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  1. Nobody cares, Tom. Buildings can fall down all by themselves and nobody cares enough to want to know why. Nobody cares that America and Israel are playing a little WW III provoking good cop/bad cop dance to weasel more Israeli takeover of Palestine with nobody complaining...except of course the victims of racially motivated genocide because everybody knows Israel's a democracy and Arab Palestinians have every right as Israeli Jews..except to live in Israeli Jewish settlements which are for Jews only. We Americans fund this policy that if conducted in any Western nation would be instantly condemned as racism. And we arm Israeli Jews so that they can kill to defend their racist attack on Palestinian society. And nobody cares. It's kind of amazing to see no real public outcry from the Left. But we know why this is--the Left was and is dominated by Jewish activists who now will not stand up for human rights of Palestinians lest they fear public ridicule like 9-11 conspiracy theorists. No guts, no glory. No America independent of a foreign nation's control. That's us at 9/11/2012


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