Saturday, September 22, 2012

One Restaurant Opens, Another One Closes

One restaurant opens and another closes here in Trinidad Ca. 

I went to The Trinidad Bay Eatery this morning and noticed that there were no cars in the parking lot.  That's strange I thought, they must be closed.  A sign on the door said Closed and the place was cleared out.  There were only empty shelves in The Gallery gift shop that was in the same building. I was sad. What could have possibly happened to make such a busy restaurant just close without warning?  They had been going non stop since 1975. 

I called the phone number for the Eatery and got the former owner, Carolyn Phillips. She and her husband Sam still own the building but had sold the business 10 years earlier.  She said that she and Sam had sold their house in the bay area and moved back up to live above the now empty restaurant. Carolyn also said that the people that were running the place left when their 10 year lease was up.  They had two 5 year options but decided not to exercise them. There is more to the story but most important is that the business could reopen if someone wanted to sign a new lease.  Here is your chance to run a successful business in beautiful Trinidad half a block from the Lighthouse and the Pacific Ocean. If you are truly interested in this call Sam or Carolyn Phillips at 707-677-3777.

Across town where Kashie's Catch Cafe used to be is a newly refurbished Lighthouse Grill almost ready to open. An addition to the building will allow for inside dining. They will offer burgers, fish, beef brisket, savory waffle cones and homemade ice cream. The new owners already run Humboldt Homemade Meals and they try to use as many local ingredients as possible with Humboldt Grass Fed Beef and buying from the local farmers markets and other resources. I have tasted some of their catering and can say for sure that these people know what they are doing. They deliver from Trinidad to Eureka and if you are interested in their meals check the link above.  I am looking forward to their grand opening soon, they are hoping that will be in about two weeks from now, give or take a bit.  


  1. Here's to hoping it reopens and the new owners provide a meal that is affordable to non-tourist non-growing locals.

  2. Nice report and link, Tom. The Humboldt Homemade Meals site was a good one to check out, and I didn't know about it. Thanks for the news!

  3. The post is contradictory in that you say the business was sold and then that the business had two 5-year leases. The truth of the matter is that the owner required the leaser to pay for all the repairs to the building, which have been substantial over the last 10 years. I understand that he would agree to sell the business, then raise the price or back out of the deal. Leaser beware!

  4. Not contradictory in that they didn't just give the business that was the Eatery away. That was sold and that came with a 10 year lease. After that there were two 5 year options. The original owners of the restaurant also own the building and still do. They didn't sell that part. Not all businesses own the building. A 10 year lease with two 5 year options doesn't sound bad.

    When I had a business lease some years ago, I was required to make all repairs to my building and large repairs like the parking lot or roof were divided up by the other people that leased in the same complex and we all paid a percentage based on our square footage. That is not an unusual agreement. My lease also included a raise in rent every year by 5 percent. As I understand, the Phillips did not have the rent rise by 5 percent every year for 10 years. If the lease says the owners (landlord) are to pay for all repairs but they have not, then there are courts to settle that. I don't know all of the particulars about the agreement the two parties had for the Eatery but what I have heard sound like standard agreements.

    1. Ok, the couple running the place had good reason to bale on the lease, the landlord was and is a scumbag that thinks they own a restaurant--they don't they own what they got-an empty building. I got screwed in business myself, a guy who owns the property, 2 businesses and grows dope at his place in Shelter Cove was greedy enough to sue me for the value of the liquor liscense I sold back to him over "parking lot" and "roof" repairs that have never been effected. He did no such improvements in the 20 odd years he owned the place and I did a considerable amount of work on the building that was absoltely necessary due to the poor state of the building. That's greed. Steve and Karen put out a good product and the packed eatery reflected that. Sam would get by serving the cheapest, purchased at Costco, etc crap they could find and their mixed bag of success atests to the difference between owning a building, and loving and making a restaurant successful. Sam got what his 30 pg lease inspires, a vacant building, a business interupted or no longer viable and a nice view of Trinidad.

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