Monday, October 1, 2012

California Republican Party Breaks With National Party Over Tax Breaks

The national Republican Party has had the platform that lower taxes on business means more jobs. The Governor of California just sided with that philosophy and now the local Republicans in California are up in arms over tax cuts for business because they say it doesn't work. In fact they say, "that sound economic logic doesn't apply to every other aspect of the economy".

Image from my Republican brother
Here is a press release from the California Republican Party that was just released today.

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California Republican Party Statement on Gov. Brown Signing Bill Extending Tax Breaks for Film Industry
BURBANK -- The California Republican Party today made the follwing statement regarding California Governor Jerry Brown signing Assembly Bill 2026, which extends the $100 million annual tax break for California motion picture companies:

"Gov. Brown just signed the bill that extends tax breaks for the film industry. Presumably, the Governor believes that the lower tax rates will provide incentives for more films to be made here, resulting in more jobs. More jobs will result in more tax revenue because working people pay more taxes.

"Someone needs to ask the Governor why that sound economic logic doesn't apply to every other aspect of the economy. We need to ask Gov. Brown why he wants want to raise taxes on small businesses through Prop 30 but lower them for the film industry?"


  1. You took "that sound economic logic doesn't apply to every other aspect of the economy" out of context. In the original context, the author asks the reader to consider the hypocrisy. In this instance, Brown gave Hollywood elitists tax breaks while also saying that tax breaks don't work and that taxes need to be increased.

    The CRP is correct to call out Brown and the Democrats in the legislature for their blatant hypocrisy on taxes. If tax breaks help the film industry, then tax breaks would also help other industries.


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