Sunday, October 28, 2012

NSA Analyst Proves GOP Is Stealing The Vote

Voting Machine Hacked To Play Pac Man
They are only doing it in large cities and precincts but an analyst says he has proven that Republicans are indeed stealing the vote. The fact that this can happen has been Brad  Blog's charge since he came on the scene to warn us against paperless electronic voting machines. This story however, does not include Brad Friedman.

By Denis G. Campbell andCharley James
(c) 25 October 2012 
UPDATED: Why is Mitt Romney so confident?
In states where the winner will be decided by less than 10%, of the vote he already knows he will win. This is no tinfoil hat conspiracy. It’s a maths problem.  Read More

Here is another story about hacking electronic voting machines from The Christian Science Monitor


  1. This sort of conspiracy garbage is quite telling. You do remember that it was the progressives that pushed for the electronic voting following Bush's defeat of Gore in 2000. Only 20% of the nation says they are liberal or progressive. Mr Obama has chosen to play to that fringe group. And now the conspiracy theories are coming out.

  2. We will squash Obama and the utter Hell he put us to for the last 4 years. Mark my words- God will damn Obama and his staph infected liberal garbage!!!! Romney will rule with his demand and God's!

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  4. Anonymous and since you both sound like you were cut from the same cookie cutter I will assume that you are both the same non person. What does being liberal, progressive, conservative, fascist or even racist have to do with counting the votes properly? Are you suggesting that the companies that built these machines are owned by liberals? Get a clue.

    Conservatives like former US Senator of Nebraska Chuck Hagel of ES&S voting machines pushed them before he ran for Senate. He was pushing the machines that may be responsible for his election win in 1996. You should know this since you are a Republican apologist. Anyway, he unseated sitting Gov. Ben Nelson who was quite popular and polling showed him to easily win the senate seat. Look it up instead of focusing on Obama or Romney.

    How happy will you and your right wing friends be when the real Anonymous hacks the vote and the green party wins? How do you know they didn't do it for Obama? You and I have no proof either way. Go ahead and pray since that is how we vote anyway. It is faith based since there is no proof on paper who wins.

  5. Watch This:

  6. Thank you for an interesting read and a fascinating journey down the paperless trail of electronic voting, Tom. We enjoyed the trip.


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