Saturday, October 6, 2012

Trinidad Arts Night Showcase New Venue, The Lighthouse Cafe.

Trinidad Arts Night Showcase New Venue, The Lighthouse Cafe.

The lights were on, the patio had people in it, there were wonderful smells in the air and it was the soft opening of The Lighthouse Cafe in Trinidad Ca.  The new digs had art work from Bea Stanley on the walls and live music from Joe Garceau. It was after all, Trinidad Arts Night.

I would have stayed as I was invited by one of the owners while taking pictures but I had a prior engagement. The vibe was good and people seemed happy sampling morsels of food that will be on sale Monday, October 8th. when they officially open.


  1. Tonight I finally got to eat at the Lighthouse Cafe and it was great. I had a Humboldt Grass Fed burger with bacon and cheese. The bun seemed to be homemade and was good. Their french fries are also good with bits of skin still on them. They have beer on tap so I had a Steelhead, could have had an IPA or a Lost Coast rood beer.

    On the way out I sampled the ice cream that they make, I tried a honey gram swirl and ended up with a cone of salted carmel or caramel.
    They make their own cones and have more than one size and type. They make a savory cone made with corn and spices that you can get a scoop of mash potatoes and gravy in. You can add bacon and cheese and even brisket. I will try one of those on my next visit. Maybe tomorrow.

  2. That rood beer wasn't that rude at all. It is root beer and Mike said it was fantastic!


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