Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Traffic Hazard In Macktown, Right Lane Only Pretends To Be There

Drove into ditch on Tuesday morning.
When driving South on Central Avenue from Beau Pre Golf Course or the Eureka/Arcata Airport in McKinleyville Ca. you will pass a 76 gas station and Smug's Pizza on the right. It's just past Murray Road and the Renner Station.
If you are a good driver, you might be able to resist the ditch that pretends to be a part of the road. The road wants to be there but the county has left it open for the frogs or to save money from having to turn a small stream into a buried pipe and paved road.
Drove into ditch tonight, the next day.

At night it is almost impossible to see that the right lane is really a ditch. Wile turning right out of the driveway between Smug's Pizza and the 76 Gas station it is hard to see that there is a more than  3 food ditch to fall into. The ditch is not marked properly and at night with almost no light around, even I almost drove into the ditch of doom on a foggy night. 
The right lane is a lie

A guy named Lloyd said that he saw another small car in the ditch about a month ago. 
With the big rains on the way, don't you dare drown yourself in downtown Macktown!
I hope someone in the county or MCSD can figure out how to make this more safe. 

Ok,  perhaps you could only drown if you were on your razor scooter and hit your head on the way in or if you were thrown from a plain white van by terrorists while bound and unable to climb out during the big winter storm. Still you will find it a bit hard to see in the fog or dark. Beware of that hole on the right that sucks you in. Stay left I say.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Some High Winds And Heavy Rains For Days

We are in for one heck of a week starting Wednesday. Expect some power outages. 
Here's what the National Weather Service in Eureka is saying tonight at about 10:30 PM.

The first in a series of storms will impact the area late tonight into Wednesday. This will be a quick moving system bringing one half inch to 2 inches of rainfall with local amounts up to 3 inches in favored areas. Winds will gust 40 to 45 mph along the immediate coastal headlands and over ridges. Snow levels will be around 4500 feet over eastern Trinity county with several inches of snow possible above 5000 feet. A second system will bring stronger and potentially damaging winds to the coast on Thursday with another period of heavy rain. Localized urban and small stream flooding is possible as the front moves through. Yet another storm is projected to impact northwest California on Friday with more strong winds and heavy rain. Total rainfall amounts of 6 to 10 inches are expected through Sunday with localized amounts well over a foot in the King Range and over South Fork Mountain.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Did Anonymous Stop Karl Rove From Stealing Ohio Again?

Talk show host Thom Hartmann asks if Anonymous used a firewall to allow Rove to think he had access to the machines in 3 states but blocked access to it at the last minute and blocked his transfer of vote tallies in Ohio to Tennessee. See the video

Friday, November 16, 2012

Dial Global and Cumulus Say Rush Limbaugh Hurt Radio Business

Rush Limbaugh, who's entertainment show airs on the Premiere Radio Networks has drawn the ire of two other radio network, Dial Global and Cumulus. Dial Global is the satellite distributor for progressive radio talk show hosts like Stephanie Miller, Ed Schultz, Thom Hartmann and Mike Malloy. Cumulus bought Citidel which included  ABC Radio, and stations like KGO in San Francisco.

Both networks are saying that advertisers left talk radio after Rush Limbaugh called Sandra Fluke a slut. Many advertisers said they just didn't want to be a part of talk radio at all after the caustic comedian took to his misogynistic and ignorant rants about Sandra Fluke and women in general. His ignorance of  how the female body works and constant rants on the subject cost the industry millions of dollars.

According to the Huffington Post, the rants have Dial Global removing themselves from the NASDQ Stock Exchange. This doesn't bode well for talk radio. The sad fact is that while Rush will stay on hundreds of stations because many of his advertisers don't care what he says about women and minorities, progressive talk show hosts may find themselves without a network. That would mean that stations like KGOE in Eureka could potentially end up having to find new programming. Yes, as odd as it seems, progressive talk radio designed to be an alternative to the racist and misogynistic rants of the right may be brought down by the very rants they were trying to be an alternative to.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Thank You Veterans

Support our troops, bring them home now.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Portland Loses Progressive Talk Station

What used to be the Flagship Thom Hartmann station in Oregon is switching its format from Progressive Talk to Sports.  10-Thousand watt powerhouse KPOJ AM is owned by Clear Channel which was acquired by Bain Capital in 2008.  KPOJ will now be a Fox Sports affiliate.

Stephanie Miller got moved to overnights in Detroit.

Radio host Mike Malloy said tonight on the air that we can expect to see more stations across the country make the change from Prog. Talk to Sports or what ever as the mega corporations do what they can to marginalize the progressive message. Malloy said the message wouldn't go away though, it will just move from terrestrial radio stations to online forums, pod casts and internet radio. He explained that this was already happening with i phones, droids and other newfangled stuff.

I can confirm that a couple of new sports networks are on the scene and they are going after stations hard to get them to change to their new ESPN alternative. I don't foresee a change at KGOE but you never know what lies ahead. If the programming is still available and we are still selling ads, we'll probable be around for a while.  

Here is Bradblog's take on the story.

In-Home Supportive Services Workers Hold Candle Light Vigil

Tonight at the Humboldt County Courthouse, what looked like close to 100 people gathered for a candle light vigil to protest their low wages. In-home workers receive no overtime, or proper breaks, they have no health insurance and are paid minimum wage. Without these workers, many of our parents and grand parents would have to live in rest homes.The County Board of Supervisors refuses to give these workers a wage increase, they make $8.00 an hour and have to provide their own transportation, car, insurance and gas. 

The elderly woman that owned this dog said that without her in-home care worker she would have to be in an old folks home and her dog would be put to sleep. 

Workers and many of their supporters gathered to protest these injustices and then to head to a party at the CHUW office at 314 L Street Eureka.  The free event includes food and music from Joanne Rand.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Conservatives Gave Hundreds Of Millions Of Dollars To The Liberal Media

Photo from
I was just pondering all of the money enabled by Citizens United  that went to conservative political PAC's during the campaign season. Literally hundreds of millions of dollars was just handed over to the so called "liberal media" to buy commercials and  influence the outcome of  the election to no avail.  Conservative judges enabled this outcome. Conservative political hacks were the ones that brought Citizens United to the Supreme Court in the first place. My question is, how many more millions of dollars are the Republicans willing to give to the so called "liberal media" before they get a clue?

I am inviting Republicans to join with the rest of us to stop this give away to the "liberal media" and work to overturn Citizens United before it is too late. Your party is almost destroyed, you have lost countless millions of dollars. The young people in this country will not support you no matter how much you spend to influence them. They want actions not commercials. Think of how much the Citizens United decision has done for the media you conservatives despise. If the media is truly liberal as most of you believe, put your money where your mouth is and help the rest of us overturn Citizens United before it's too late. 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Did Colorado just legalize pot?

Did Colorado just legalize Pot?
If numbers hold...Slate dot com has the story.

Washington State also legalizes Marijuana and will tax it. 

How To Protect Your Vote In A Crooked County, Or On An Electronic Voting Machine

Brad Friedman has some tips for voting and making sure everyone's vote counts.

First and foremost:
  • If you have problems or see problems at the polls, be sure to report them to866-OUR-VOTE, or!
  • Catch any problems at the polls on photo or video? Upload it to YouTube and social sites, and! Also tag it with the #VideoTheVote hashtag.
  • Be at the polls when they close and photograph and video tape the results tapes that are printed out from electronic systems. Results have a way of changing between the time they're printed out at the close of polls and the time they show up on the web. Your photographic evidence could help save an election!
  • Watching results on the web throughout the night? Take screenshots, save them as you go, and include a timestamp in the filename when you do. Those web results also have a way of changing, sometimes in the wrong direction, throughout the night. Your evidence could help save an election!
Vote on a Paper Ballot!
  • In some places, it may be too late to vote on paper ballots. In others, know your rights and whether you are entitled to vote on a paper ballot if you wish, even if they try to direct you towards an electronic voting system. For example, in OH and CA every voter may vote on paper if they wish and if they know to ask for one. So (politely) demand a paper ballot! Check with your County Clerk or Sec. of State if you're not sure.
  • A touch-screen system with a little paper printout is NOT a paper ballot! Those paper printouts are never counted and your vote will be 100% unverifiable, like Barack Obama's foolishly was. We made this short toon to explain that point quickly in 2008, so let's roll it out once again...

US Senator Joe Liberman, WTC 7 Did Not Occur