Friday, November 9, 2012

In-Home Supportive Services Workers Hold Candle Light Vigil

Tonight at the Humboldt County Courthouse, what looked like close to 100 people gathered for a candle light vigil to protest their low wages. In-home workers receive no overtime, or proper breaks, they have no health insurance and are paid minimum wage. Without these workers, many of our parents and grand parents would have to live in rest homes.The County Board of Supervisors refuses to give these workers a wage increase, they make $8.00 an hour and have to provide their own transportation, car, insurance and gas. 

The elderly woman that owned this dog said that without her in-home care worker she would have to be in an old folks home and her dog would be put to sleep. 

Workers and many of their supporters gathered to protest these injustices and then to head to a party at the CHUW office at 314 L Street Eureka.  The free event includes food and music from Joanne Rand.


  1. "Henchman Of Justice" says,

    Yep, injustice to pay minimum wage to IHSS workers, but lay on thick the excuseable reasonings that the leadership uses in defending their own paychecks, WHICH BY THE WAY, supes and department heads + mobster union clique types make about 40%-60% more in salary and various perks/benefits than they should be.

    The question begging for an honest answer is this - has anyone made a list of "what and what nots" when comparing service as is now versus say....Granada Senior HealthCare? What would or could be gained or lost by a switcharooskie of servicers? Who takes better care of the seniors, IHSS or a business like Granada?

    Why wonder in question form?

    Is Granada paying their workforce better? Do costs go higher for old folks at old folks' homes and facilities like Granada?

    At any rate, if the county recognizes IHSS (they do); AND, if at minimum wage, the county supes agree they can't pay IHSS any more, then what the supes are really saying is

    "that they don't believe in equality, even at the lowest level or form of paid public service".


    Who else is getting minimum wage as a public employee whose service is much appreciated by those in any community so they "don't have to be kicked to the old folks' curb and gutter lifestyle?" Certainly taxpayers should not have to be on the hook even more when other public employees should be giving-up their overpay and overbenefits. Public employees are pitted against each other too because of money and perks, its the rigged game that duopolists covet like "The Devil who wants your soul."

    When considering how much wages/perks other public employees are being overpaid, overdelivered (based on government pay structures that are rigged), it is no wonder WHY IHSS protests are so passionate.

    Example: 100 workers multiplied by $16.00 per day equals $1,600 per day per 100 workers (@ $2 per hour raise) assuming 8 hour days are worked. $1,600 times 5 days per week = $8,000.00 extra per week per 100 workers at 40 total hours each per week. Monthly = $32k. Yearly = $384,000.00 per year for 100 IHSS workers working 52 weeks at 5 days per week, 8 hours per day. (numbers game)(Supes = $30k times 5 = $150k --> this is half the IHSS funding right there using only 5 people in the calculation)

    Ok then, what are the General Fund budget reasonings? Seems as if the supes are backstabbers to give the sheriff's department any funding WHEN the sheriff's department is seizing assets and cash to help fund the department.

    Supervisors are not representing all makes and models of the citizenry in Humboldt; rather, the supes cater to the two-sided mentalitists who, as an example, just so happened to create a brand spanking new group for the most recent General Plan manipulation, ruse being engaged in yet again by mostly the very same people as before in other past, but still active, named groups.

    The supervisors cater only to those who pay them for their election campaigns or have private sector power(another reason why it has been so easy for the supes who don't want to pay more to IHSS --> IHSS workers did not donate toward the election campaigns of the current supes like those big monied interests did).

    Supes bend over backwards to do anything for their monied interests as a kickback for getting them voted.

    Obviously, the next campaign cycle suggests the dissenting supes should not get even one vote from an IHSS supporter for such supervisorial debotchery and "wolf in sheep's clothing" character. - HOJ

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