Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Some High Winds And Heavy Rains For Days

We are in for one heck of a week starting Wednesday. Expect some power outages. 
Here's what the National Weather Service in Eureka is saying tonight at about 10:30 PM.

The first in a series of storms will impact the area late tonight into Wednesday. This will be a quick moving system bringing one half inch to 2 inches of rainfall with local amounts up to 3 inches in favored areas. Winds will gust 40 to 45 mph along the immediate coastal headlands and over ridges. Snow levels will be around 4500 feet over eastern Trinity county with several inches of snow possible above 5000 feet. A second system will bring stronger and potentially damaging winds to the coast on Thursday with another period of heavy rain. Localized urban and small stream flooding is possible as the front moves through. Yet another storm is projected to impact northwest California on Friday with more strong winds and heavy rain. Total rainfall amounts of 6 to 10 inches are expected through Sunday with localized amounts well over a foot in the King Range and over South Fork Mountain.


  1. yikes- more winds.
    Those of us in 'the sticks' need to remember to thank those PG&E folks how come out on cold wet windy nights to get our power back on.

    1. correction: "PG&E folks WHO come out on cold wet windy nights to get our power back on."

  2. "Henchman Of Justice" says,

    True on workers in wet rain, but hey, they get paid really good too with benefits. Must be nice to have a job that can afford a person a lifestyle. Of course, the "on the ground" workers deserve MORE than the employees who process payments or sit on their arse drawing maps.

    Too bad more "wires" were not "encased" in the ground and PGE workes could stay warm and dry (imagine what some human beings are "compelled to do" because other human beings have greedy and selfish wants and needs?).

    PGE makes one consider the whiners on the east coast due to "SANDY" who are bitching, moaning and groaning (one filed suit too) at the men and women "on the ground workers" who are simply trying to help (imagine that, humans with wants and needs making "an on the ground worker" feel like crap because they are trying to help get the power back on - shows how low and callous humans are when they don't get what they want NOW!!!!!!!!)

    As far as the rainy weather, let us see where the actual "storm cell" crosses for the most severe weather. Judging by the 42 years of life already lived, there is no difference in this storm than so many others. Had this storm series been post "cold front and snow", then 1964 rings a bell as severe.

    One thing is GREAT FOR SURE - there exists not millions or even hundreds of thousands of humanoids living in the "sticks". As far as that other "STYX"..... (gotta love that band)!

    This for "A Salty Dog", "Go Power Rangers"! - HOJ


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