Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Traffic Hazard In Macktown, Right Lane Only Pretends To Be There

Drove into ditch on Tuesday morning.
When driving South on Central Avenue from Beau Pre Golf Course or the Eureka/Arcata Airport in McKinleyville Ca. you will pass a 76 gas station and Smug's Pizza on the right. It's just past Murray Road and the Renner Station.
If you are a good driver, you might be able to resist the ditch that pretends to be a part of the road. The road wants to be there but the county has left it open for the frogs or to save money from having to turn a small stream into a buried pipe and paved road.
Drove into ditch tonight, the next day.

At night it is almost impossible to see that the right lane is really a ditch. Wile turning right out of the driveway between Smug's Pizza and the 76 Gas station it is hard to see that there is a more than  3 food ditch to fall into. The ditch is not marked properly and at night with almost no light around, even I almost drove into the ditch of doom on a foggy night. 
The right lane is a lie

A guy named Lloyd said that he saw another small car in the ditch about a month ago. 
With the big rains on the way, don't you dare drown yourself in downtown Macktown!
I hope someone in the county or MCSD can figure out how to make this more safe. 

Ok,  perhaps you could only drown if you were on your razor scooter and hit your head on the way in or if you were thrown from a plain white van by terrorists while bound and unable to climb out during the big winter storm. Still you will find it a bit hard to see in the fog or dark. Beware of that hole on the right that sucks you in. Stay left I say.


  1. 2 cars, 2 days = Problem. 3 cars that I know of in a month seems like a hazard.

  2. "Henchman Of Justice" says,

    Great Heads-up article Tom.

    One only needs to speak with owners of land on either side of Central Avenue to get the "full gist" of why state fish and game (???) has declared a "drainage ditch" to be "wetlands". Just more government over-restrictions that costs society much more in wealth than it saves. It does feed right into the insurance industry though as a road hazzard....while insurance agents rake in the dough on yet one more increased policy premium, cha ching...... - HOJ

  3. Cmon. Stay to the left of the solid white line and you will be fine. Quit blaming the county or anyone sale because you cant drive. YOU are why we all have insurance.

    1. "Henchman Of Justice" says,


      are you sure "you" applies in your comment considering it is doubtful that any 4 of us can't drive?

      Of course, not being able to see "poorly striped white lines covered by water", business light glares, weird headlight colors from after-market headlamps, talking/texting while driving, getting a kiss from the passenger, anything could cause an accident when not paying attention to driving.

      Anyhow, don't think the county is gettin' blame on this when the state dippos have their lead as a higher level governing agency preventing the county from doing the work it seems (incorporation does nothing to change this fact, at least currently). Agencies were not part of the "thought process" when the US Constitution was "manifested", at least not openly as I can tell, maybe I am missing something.

      As far as McKinleyville incorporating --> well, that is supported most only by those certain elderly lads and ladies (not retirement age yet) whom serve on the MCSD Board Of Directors and whom in majority, align and connect themselves to political power trippers above and beyond what is not needed for the community. Really, people just need to get a clue, seek the facts, know what is "really" goin' on!!!!!!!! - HOJ

  4. There's a ditch on a narrow section of Washington, too (near the School Road end). They dug it out, apparently, to provide access to a big pipe in the ground. After a car got stuck in it, someone put up an orange cone for a while. Now the cone is gone, but the ditch is still there. I've seen a second car stranded there, too. The ditch has been there so long, I don't remember how long. It seems like a year, but maybe it's been since this past summer. It's one of MANY reasons McKinleyville needs to incorporate and escape county management.

  5. I think that if the ditch on Central was better marked it wouldn't be such a problem. There is no white line on the tiny curb that separates the ditch from the road. Reflective white paint and bigger markers would go a long way here.

  6. I say let Darwin do his work.


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