Thursday, December 6, 2012

Doubling Down On The Contrails

For what ever reason they are doubling down on the contrails over the Humboldt County skies today. A few moments ago I took these pictures just south of Eureka near Humboldt Hill. So much for Mr. Sun today.


  1. Tom, is there any fringe conspiracy thing you don't dabble in?

    Seriously, what would be beneath your nuttiness threshold?

    1. I've wondered the same thing as Kevin. Also, what makes one conspiracy more attractive than another?

    2. And that's what I've wondered. Some fringe-fascinated people specialize in fluoride-phobia, or Area 51, or anti-vaccination, or FEMA camps, or chemtrails or one of the other contrived menaces.

      At least our Tom grazes over a range of them.

    3. And don't forget the Bush Administration's masterful 9/11 job.
      And Tom, really, you need a goddammed captcha? I can hardly read them.

    4. I didn't have much to say about the contrails other than pictures.

      And Kevin, I like most good conspiracies but didn't go for the world being 6 or 7 thousand years old, or the end of the world because the Mayan calender hit it's version of Dec. 31st. Nor did I go for the birther crap with Obama, or that we didn't land on the moon, I'm really old and saw that one live in black and white.

      I don't think Oswald was the only assassin of Kennedy, and don't know why WTC7 in New York fell on 9/11. Senator Lieberman said it never happened. The investigation that took over a year and two months to start never mentions it and I just want to know how it fell?

      I think that there are too many unverifiable voting machines scattered about the country that count our votes with secret and privately owned software and source codes that leave no paper trail.

      I have wondered why if fluoride is good as a topical for the teeth that we should use it to water our plants,flush our toilets, cook and bathe in? Why not just put it in toothpaste?
      That would be cheaper.

      I'm don't think I am overly obsessed with this stuff but it is fun. I'm not sure where I stand on Big Foot.

  2. I think they're beautiful.

  3. I like it. On the far right, you people who deny evidence to prop up their unsupported worldview. On the far left, you have people who take evidence and misinterpret it to prop up their unsupported worldview. This misuse of evidence then is assailed by the far right as an example of why evidence/science can't be trusted.

  4. I heard that the trails get you super high that's why you've seen so many in Humboldt.


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