Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Never Try To Rescue A Dog From The Surf In The Pacific Northwest

I remember something like this happening over a dog before during the last 15 years that I have lived on the north coast. I haven't been able to find the story I am recalling on the internet but it seems that this happens all too often here and along the north coast of California.

 Just over a month ago, 3 members of an Arcata family tried to rescue their dog and each other at Big Lagoon Ca. and were lost to the mighty Pacific Ocean. The one family member that called 911 and didn't go into the water was survived, along with the dog that made it to shore.

In this New Years Day tragic story, a man died trying to save his wife and dog that were caught on a beach in high surf at Point Reyes National Seashore which is roughly 170 miles south of the Big Lagoon tragedy. People on the beach helped the man's wife get to shore and the dog made it by itself.

When at the beach here in Northern California: Please don't try to rescue a swimming or otherwise swept into the sea dog. Dogs seem to do a better job of getting out of the water than humans do. Always keep your eye on the surf when on the beach, sneaker waves which are much larger than the rest of the surf are a constant hazard and can sweep you into the sea if you are not paying attention.  


  1. It's still such a tragedy, that I can't really wrap my head around it. But I doubt that it will deter the true dog lovers from not jumping in to save their beloved companion. I respect people's love and loyalty to their dogs. I have experienced it myself in the past. But, I also think it gets somewhat out of hand when people saddle themselves with pets and then complain that no one will rent to them.
    In the social-work environment you constantly see homeless folks with several dogs. I can totally understand it, it helps some of them from going insane from being on the street. But on the surface it seems pretty crazy to have three dogs if you can't feed yourself.

  2. Moviedad, I have some of those same concerns but people have the right to happiness even if it doesn't seem to make sense to the rest of us. As long as it is not at our expense.

  3. It happened again yesterday.


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