Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Was The Second Amendment Ratified To Preserve Slavery?

Thom Hartmann writes an interesting study of the Second Amendment of the US Constitution. He lays out why the amendment says "States" and not the "Federal" government when referring to a well regulated militia. Hartmann says these militias were originally used to keep southern slaves from uprising.

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  1. Henchman Of Justice" says,

    Hmm, the post title synopisis is misleading in that when reading Thom Hartmann's report, it is clearly discussed that militias were both north and south in concept, but that the militia's of the south had their own agenda not the same as the north. The federal government part comes into play wehn discussing the military recruitments that could use former southern slaves as an emancipatory function. Of course, the southern states at the time wanted to use their militias to protect their interest in slavery, no doubt, and, no doubt militias of the north acted differently than those in the south.

    Hopefully, Hartmann is not trying a coy ploy to connect firearms to slavery only militias in an attempt to mislead the masses of current day Americans over gun rights in that gun rights by individuals back then was only for slavery control purposes in an effort to say that guns today are illegal to bear because slavery is no longer. It seems many people try to "manufacturer ruses" in American society today, which is very sad, shameful and socially treasonistic. - HOJ

  2. Wouldn't make sense to me as the 2nd amendment and Bill of Rights was drafted long before slavery was an issue one way or the other.

    The opposite was actually true: The first gun control laws were enacted to keep guns out of the hands of blacks.

  3. Which other amendments are so state specific?


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