Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Westlands Water District Loses Federal Lawsuit

By Michael Doyle | McClatchy Newspapers
WASHINGTON — A federal court has quietly dismissed a $1 billion claim by the well-known Westlands Water District, leaving unresolved the long-standing problem of coping with irrigation drainage in California’s San Joaquin Valley.

Read more about the lawsuit from Mc\clatchy 
For More background on this unfolding story click here.


  1. "Henchman Of Justice" says,

    Good article. The sign (30 feet above says 1955, not 1925) though where the guy stands showing the amount of ground collapse.

    All in all, the farmers back in the day were greedy and dumb, never a thought about future impacts of increased populations and the various needs of water by all living and non-living things. The Central Valley has would not ever be the way it is now had humans not altered the natural state of things.....same as the grape growers to our south and alfalfa, oat farmers in the Klamath headwaters.

    Of course, government was always their for tax collections, power and control while flippin' the bird to the environment for its own benefit. So, whenever a politicians mentions the environment, it is easy to see whether that politician is sincere, or just mocking the electorate with lies and deceptions regarding their personal stances.

    Too many people are living and need to die, suffice to say. - HOJ

  2. While on the one hand, congress did encourage farmers to homestead and grow food in the arid valley, farmers have a responsibility to the land they farm. If there is no where for runoff to go, then they need to use drip irrigation instead of flooding. This might not work so well for rice or alfalfa but if that's true, maybe those crops would be better grown in a wetter climate.

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