Thursday, February 14, 2013

Good News For Strawberry Rock

From the facebook page of Humboldt County Supervisor Mark Lovelace:

Green Diamond Resource Company held a community meeting tonight at the Bayside Grange to inform the public about a number of issues and to hear community concerns. The meeting was very well attended, with somewhere around 250 people crowding into the room.

Their forest practices were recently certified as "sustainable" by the Forest Stewardship Council, though this announcement was met with some skepticism from some in attendance. They discussed changes to their management prescriptions, including moving away from their "even aged management" towards "variable retention", which will retain an average of 27% of the trees in their harvest units (including riparian buffers), and a minimum of 10%. They will also retain any conifers greater than 30" DBH as "legacy trees".

They discussed the progress on the McKay tract community forest project. The 7,600-acre McKay tract comprises greater than 80% of the Ryan Creek watershed. This project would turn 1,200 acres into a County-owned community forest, similar to the Arcata Community Forest, with trails and public access. Around 700 acres would be placed in a conservation easement with management prescriptions similar to the community forest portion, for future transfer to the County. The remaining 5,500 acres would remain in Green Diamond's ownership and management, but with a conservation easement to extinguish all development rights.

The big news of the evening came when Green Diamond General Manager Neal Ewald announced the company is working with the Trust for Public Lands, the Coastal Conservancy and the Trinidad Land Trust to preserve 27 acres surrounding Strawberry Rock, with a public-access conservation easement along the trail up to the site. The announcement was met with applause.


  1. I choose to ignore this news because it doesn't jibe with my worldview of all companies being evil.

  2. Here is a post about the above post on the facebook page.

    Gary Graham Hughes Mark, I did not get a chance to say hello. It is cool that you are taking the time to attend meetings like this, and post about it on Facebook. Still, your report is not as accurate as it should be for such a critical issue for people in your district. You are incorrect in stating that Green Diamond/Simpson are committed to moving from even aged management (clearcutting) to doing "variable retention." Ex-Simpson/GD is intent on practicing even aged management on 270,000 acres of their holdings, that is what the FSC cert states. It was hinted in the presentation that you saw that some of it might "look" like variable retention. You should have stayed for the whole meeting. Lindsey addressed that issue about the use of the term variable retention directly with her question. The whole meeting, including the public comment session that Mark was not present for and does not report on, will be broadcast on Access Humboldt. I encourage folks to look for it. I also suggest that folks with an interest in forest certification look into the details of the FSC audit and certification evaluation of the company (see link below). And let's all give props to the community of people that are rallying for the wild essence of Trinidad, you are having great success with your groundswell of community organizing for Strawberry Rock and the extended forested vicinity, keep it up, that area and it's biological productivity merits protection from high intensity short rotation industrial forestry pressure.

    Environmental Protection Information Center (EPIC) » Forest Products Marketing Firm Commits Major B
    Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) to certify more than 270,000 acres of climate destroying clearcuts in the Redwood Temperate Rainforest

  3. I think all residents and visitors around here should applaud our
    neighbors for having this meeting and working to preserve what we have up here.
    And so far it would appear Green Diamond is holding up their side,
    and is acting as a good steward.

    So Bravo to everyone. The system can work.


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