Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Green Diamond / Strawberry Rock Meeting Today (Wednesday) At Bayside Grange

Photo taken by Eugene, "tree sitter" near Strawberry Rock
A meeting being presented by Green Diamond Resource Company will take place at the Bayside Grange at 6:30 pm on Jacoby Creek Rd. 

The public is invited to come and comment on their forest practices. They are currently interested in removing the trees in the photograph. 

For the complete story see my last post or go to the comments section of my last post and read the 4 part post from Eileen who gave the slide show presentation in Trinidad last Saturday. At issue are 3 THP's or Timber Harvest Permits that Green Diamond has been granted to clear cut the forests near Strawberry Rock above Trinidad Ca. 


  1. 'They're takin' our views!' is not a currently recognized justification for denying a timber harvest plan.

  2. Yeah. Didn't say it was. THP is already approved. You must not have read the whole story. Views are a reason to buy the property and turn it into a park.

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