Friday, February 15, 2013

Why Do Some Christians Equate Gay With Pedophile?

Stereotypes, many of us are guilty of using them to define people and situations that we don’t fully understand. If someone says something about a catholic priest, some people might think pedophile. Likewise if someone says something like TV evangelist, one might think of crystal meth, hookers or embezzlement. Does that mean that all priests are pedophiles or that all TV evangelists like gay hookers or doing illegal drugs or steal money from their flock?  No. That would be a stereo type. Just because it has happened doesn’t make it the norm.

Likewise, why would I think that Christian radio hosts Matt Barber and Mat Staver are on drugs or pedophiles just because they say they believe in Jesus Christ?  I shouldn't should I?

I bring this up because those two so called followers of Christ unleashed a torrent of anti-LGBT fearmongering on their “Faith and Freedom” show on Friday in complaining about the Boy Scouts of America’s possible lifting of its ban on gay members.

 Media Matters reported.
“It makes no sense to have a Jerry Sandusky as your scoutmaster,” Staver said. “And essentially, that’s what this policy would open the doors to. You’d have somebody who has sexual attractions to the young boys, that he is supervising, taking them out in the woods, developing trust and then having the awful situation that we had with Jerry Sandusky.”

Jerry Sandusky is a football coach and pedophile.
He was a married man but would rather have sex with little boys than his wife. The boy scouts don’t want to let married pedophiles into scouting. Those people are already there and are causing problems because they are hard to weed out. Many so called Christians and conservatives don’t know the difference between having sex with boys and married or adult couples having sex with each other. I think that they confuse the two to mislead other people so that they will equate gays with pedophiles. I think they do this on purpose to put down the so called gay lifestyle. These people are obsessed with gay and child sex. Again, I think this is because they were also misled by those that came before them spreading their message of hate.

I don’t have too much of a problem with people being stupid or ignorant. It is said that you can’t fix stupid and ignorance is rampant in our country.

What I have a problem with are people in a position of power like a preacher, TV host, politician or radio talk show host spreading their own stupidity, hate or ignorance onto others.

If you don’t know the difference between a man married to a woman that prefers sex with boys and a man that wants to marry another man, you should get educated, step down from your position or get off of the crystal methamphetamine.


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  2. You're really going to have to address the whole Abrahamic religious belief system starting with Judaism to topple the anti-gay doctrines that are most publicly displayed by Evangelical Christians in our country but go to any Middle East nation, including the Orthodox Jewish communities in Israel, and you will get worse prejudice against homosexuality only it's not being reported nearly as much as newsworthy Evangelical Americans doing it.

    I was a Boy Scout, stopped short of Eagle Scout, and really loved our troop of misfit scouts but our scoutmaster was secretly accused of being homosexual by men in our community including my dad. Never saw any direct evidence of it but the thing is, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, these are places where even "normal" kids fool around sexually with each other before reaching true adolescence and interest in the opposite sex. And being single sex organizations, Boy Scouts, like Catholic priesthoods, are also places where homosexual men will be found who will prey on children's sexual curiosity. I think it's not a question of eliminating these organizations but one of teaching children and adults that sexual predation is a fact of life and watch out for it, your uncle or friend's cousin may be attracted to children which in former times was dealt as a far less serious activity, just part of the normal human range of sexuality. We don't lock up sexually promiscuous men usually but do women in our sexually dysfunctional society, we didn't use to lock up uncle Zack for wanting his little niece to sit on his lap but quietly kept nieces away from him. Certainly the idea of visiting uncle Zack locked away in prison where he's continually raped would never have crossed the minds of earlier generations who had not experienced the Woman's Movement that demanded draconian punishment that has stopped the show of affection between men and children lest men find themselves in prison on charges of child abuse. My point in this rambling comment is that we need to first look at human sexuality as it really exists, not as either religious or politically correct fantasies about human sexuality that never existed, e.g. the notion children aren't sexual beings and will learn about sex wherever they can from whatever teachers are available to teach them, and that means adults and children will sexually interact regardless of how many laws we create to stop this natural education process. Time to deal with it realistically. You want to educate Evangelical Christians about the difference between gays and child predators you will have to address the teachings of the Bible which started the whole thing with Jews hating Greek competition for outstanding story telling and general thinking and therefore creating the homosexual attack dogma of Abrahamic religions to get at Greek domination of ancient literature.

  3. Anonymous 2:08 PM., I deleted your lame comment. If you stand by what you said, use your real name and I'll let it stand.

  4. Right, because 'Stephen' is a first and last name too. Sorry, you're off my blogroll now. Don't offer an anonymous commenting option if you're just going to censor anonymous viewpoint. How horrible. Shame on you.

  5. Maybe because the gay parades allowed the man boy love association in their ranks.

  6. Anonymous, Stephen had something intelligent to say. But why am I responding to someone that no longer reads my blog?

  7. I leave the Anonymous posting open because there are some people that are embarrassed to talk publicly about some things or they might be fired if their boss found out how they feel about something. I didn't leave it open so stupid people could make lame comments. I reserve the right to blow you up and so I will.

    If I don't see any evidence here about your statement at 3:40 PM then I will blow that up too.

  8. Too hard to research the truth?

    NAMBLA responded by claiming that "man/boy love is by definition homosexual," that "man/boy lovers are part of the gay movement and central to gay history and culture," and that "homosexuals denying that it is 'not gay' to be attracted to adolescent boys are just as ludicrous as heterosexuals saying it's 'not heterosexual' to be attracted to adolescent girls."[29]


  9. Wow! There you go. You assume that having sex with children is the same as having sex with adults. Good luck with that.

  10. I have been reading these posts with interest, find some amusing some well pretty silly, and some very interesting, Now, my sister is an evangelical christian and so is my brother, i received an sms from my sister which my brother had sent, and it said *Hello (name) since you are a practising priest, and i now have two young sons, i can no longer be friends with you* wht is wrong with people who cant tell the difference between a homosexual and a paedophile. My best friend is gay, and the thought of paedophiles drives him insane, he cant stand young children being harmed in any way by adults. So my question is.. What is wrong that christians cant see the difference between a gay person and a paedophile.

  11. I think they don't understand and because of that, many of them have a hatred for both. I see a big difference between adults having sex and adding children to the mix. Two very different things.


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