Monday, February 18, 2013

Winter Is Back!

Frontage Rd. near Crannell Rd. & The Little River
Tonight, Winter will return to the north coast. Expect  low temperatures in the mid to upper 30's along the coast as a winter storm heads into the Eureka area tonight. There is a 100 % chance of rain tonight and a chance of rain or showers through Friday.

The snow level will be around 2,000 feet overnight and that will impact the mountain pass roads such as HWY 199, HWY 299 and HWY 36.  Other road problems may occur due to possible hail from thunderstorms. This hail may effect coastal areas so drivers should remember to use caution and if you encounter heavy hail while driving, slow down but do not break and try not to turn. Sometimes it is best to slow down and pull over to let the storm pass. 

1 comment:

  1. We cant complain. Everywhere else the weather is getting frisky.

    A couple days ago here in Trinidad it was like summer. In February.
    The occasional devastating windstorm, and once in a while a quake. I'll take it.


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