Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Daniel Caspary "Rip Stick Grip Trickery"

When you work for a radio station, people often give you stuff in appreciation of having your particular radio station around. Where I work there are 5 stations, 2 am stations and 3 fm music stations. Those 3 fm stations get deliveries from their listeners in the morning from everything from breakfast to massages, hair waxing, pizza and a whole host of other goodies and services. I spend most of my time on the am stations, sports and news talk, and we don't get as much cool stuff as our fm colleagues. But when we do, it can come in the form of tickets to events, books, I got a custom made t-shirt from a listener. One of the more cool items we have ever received was a skate board. It didn't have any trucks or wheels on it which is OK since I don't skate board anymore due to my age and the lousy health care coverage we have in this country. 

Daniel Caspary of  "Rip Stick Grip Trickery" decided to show off his art and wares by etching into emery cloth like grip stuff, the First Amendment to the US Constitution. It is appropriate since we are constantly pushing the free speech part as part of our format. 

What is cool about Daniel Caspary's designs is that they don't have to be on a skate board. This grip stuff can be fastened to stairs or other places you might need to get a grip and he can etch any message into it. Imagine having your company name on the stairs leading up to your suite? Caspary can do it. 

If you are interested in having a design or message etched into something that needs more grip give him a call.

Daniel Caspary
Rip Stick Grip Trickery


  1. Daniel said that he is doing a lot of work on boats lately. That makes sense. This is good for any surface that gets wet but you need a grip.

  2. I've been following his art for awhile. Really impressive. Here's a web link:


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