Saturday, March 30, 2013

Early GMO Problems And Why The Recent Monsanto Protection Bill Is A Bad Idea

I am not a scientist and don't pretend to know the difference between one GMO crop and another. I do know that a crop that is poison to insects might not be good for us. Thom Hartmann used to talk about this study and I thought since Monsanto has been granted immunity from liability if their crops go astray, I should share it with you.  

In 1999 Professor Elaine Ingham of Oregon State University published the results of research that should make us all wonder about the trustworthiness and efficacy of the oversight and regulation of the federal government. She and a graduate student tested a common soil bacterium that had been genetically engineered to produce alcohol from plant debris, a GMO bacterium that had already gotten EPA approval for release in the open. The idea was that, after the alcohol was produced, the remaining debris containing the bacteria would be dumped back on the fields as fertilizer. Her experiments showed that when wheat seedlings were grown in soil containing the genetically engineered bacteria (GMOs), the seedlings all died. Professor Ingham then testified about the ramifications of her experiments: “These bacteria would therefore get into the root systems of all terrestrial plants and begin to produce alcohol. The engineered bacterium produces far beyond the required amount of alcohol per gram soil than required to kill any terrestrial plant. This would result in the death of all terrestrial plants, because the parent bacterium has been found in the root systems of all plants where anyone has looked for its presence. This could have been the single most devastating impact on human beings since we would likely have lost corn, wheat, barley, vegetable crops, trees, bushes, etc, conceivably all terrestrial plants.” Needless to say, the company involved did not go forward with its plans for commercial release of that GMO, no thanks to the EPA.


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  1. Cross pollination happens. Can people really be so blinded by money?


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