Sunday, March 10, 2013

Have You Seen This Rocking Horse?

I went to dump the recycling at the Trinidad Civic's Club free recycling center in Trinidad today. Someone before me decided that a TV, stereo, framed poster, tea pot and an old fuzzy pink rocking horse were recyclable but didn't fit into any of the categories offered at the self policed recycling center. The rocking horse looked old with carved wooden rockers on the bottom. If you know of the perpetrator of this crime please tell them not to dump their junk at the recycling center. The junk goes to the McKinleyville Transfer Station on Central Avenue. This would have cost about 10 dollars to dispose of and almost nothing had they sent the stereo and TV to a free e-waste event. 


  1. Its sad- but I guess we have to be happy they didnt just toss their junk down a cliff.
    Someone knows whos junk this is........

  2. I thought the e-waste disposal fee was $15 in McKinleyville.

    1. And City Garbage in Eureka charges by the item in some instances and the pound in others. I recently looked at their charge list and it's not really that expensive, or so I thought.

  3. This is probably not that unusual. I see trash thrown in with recyclables fairly often. Sometimes out of ignorance. Other times to deliberately get rid of trash without paying for it.

  4. I have paid anywhere from 4 to 7 dollars to dump e-waste. TV's might be 15 dollars but I only take those to the free e-waste roundups. I think they do go by the pound in Mack town.

  5. I went to one free e- waste dump in Eureka. Long line. Sat there for 45 minutes to dump my stuff. Probably less time and effort involved in just taking it to City Garbage and paying to dump it.

  6. I do both. Last time I went to the free one in Mack town I got there early and it was pretty fast with a real short line.


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