Tuesday, March 26, 2013

TJ Maxx Coming To The Bayshore Mall

Driving by the Bayshore mall yesterday I couldn't help but notice a large red banner hung where the sign used to be for Barnes and Noble. The business climate in Eureka must be improving if businesses are moving here. Heck, we just got the Walmart and now TJ Maxx. Eureka may soon find enough businesses to fill the south wing of the mall where there are almost no shops. This was the topic of a recent rant by local Right
Winger Tom Cookman on the KINS Community Comment. He recently took a trip to Arizona and couldn't believe the bustling businesses there. The mall he went to twice in one day was busy both times. The problem with California is that we chase businesses away Cookman says. This has been a truth for decades. Fact is though that more stay than leave. This is why in liberal bastions like San Francisco, Laguna Beach and Arcata, one can hardly find a storefront to rent if one wants to open a retail business. Contrast that with conservative bastions like Stockton, Eureka and Riverside where empty storefronts are everywhere.

Tom Cookman is right that it is much harder to do business here in California but his analogy was poor. There are malls all over this state that are full just as the one Cookman visited in Arizona. There are also malls all over this state that look more like the Bayshore Mall here in Eureka. My only point to Mr. Cookman is that just because a municipality is more progressive or as he says "liberal" doesn't mean it is a bad place to do business. Did you ever try to book a convention in San Francisco? The dates are not exactly wide open. For some reason businesses like to be in places like San Francisco or Santa Monica even though the minimum wage is higher, there is almost no parking and the places are crawling with so called liberals.

California will continue to create more jobs than we export, it's what we have always done. California will also continue to be a better place to live and raise a family than many other places and that's why opposites like myself and Tom Cookman still choose to live here. 

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