Monday, April 22, 2013

Free C.D.'s, Great For Scaring Away Birds And Dot Matrix Tractor Pull Printer

Some farmers use these on their orchard trees to scare away birds. I'm not sure if there are any other recyclable uses for used, scratched, unwanted and or just plain bad Compact Discs. As a radio station we get them mailed to us for psa's, music and even some shows (mostly in the olden days, now they come through the internet).

If anybody wants this box of C.D.'s just call the radio station at 707-442-2000. They are heavy and you will need to arrange to pick them up. Oh yeah, they're free and they don't have cases. I will hold them for a week. If I get no calls or takers, they go into the trash.

Also for the taking are two Oki Data tractor pull dot matrix printers. One is fairly new and both worked last I checked. These come with half a box of paper. It has the holes on the sides that tear away, you might remember these economical old school printers that use ribbons instead of ink cartridges made from liquid gold.

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