Monday, April 1, 2013

Paul Krugman Writes About The Rise And Fall Of California, And It's Rise Again

I have always been a supporter of the state of California. I was born here, I grew up here and I plan to stay here. I always grin when I hear some Texan talk about all of the businesses moving from California to Texas and how great their dirty, toxic right to work state is. For one, Californian's create more businesses than any other state. So many that we have the most failed businesses as well as the most successful businesses. We create so many  businesses that we export them to Texas and create more.

I have always felt that if California were like Texas, we would line the eastern boarder with coal fired plants and businesses. All of the smog and toxic mercury would just float east on the jet stream and ruin the ecology of the rest of the country. We don't do that however, we even take the added step to make sure our cars and trucks run cleaner so that we and the states that inherit our air quality are no worse for it. If we were more like Texas, the entire country would be more of a toxic waste dump. Texas should thank us for the businesses and  clean air we export. They on the other hand, don't seem to care about our good deeds or  what happens to the quality of life in their state and the states around them. That's why I will always be a Californian. Now when it comes to pure politics and economics, Paul Krugman writing for the New York Times has some interesting facts to explore in his latest column. 


  1. A survey of the Sacramento area’s biggest employers finds that most of them plan to hire soon.

  2. The original headline read something about an ant rising but I would like to assure that as far as I know, there is to be no ant rising. Today was coincidentally April Fools Day and also only one day after the most famous dead person to ever become undead was spotted showing people how undead he indeed was before floating away into the sky. But back to the headline, it was just a missed spelling and had nothing to do with the ants that are currently in many of our kitchens.

  3. Uh, huh; Krugman. He's one of those that believes all wealth was created by government.

  4. Krugman didn't write the survey that shows the same trend.


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