Friday, May 31, 2013

Crabs Season Opens Tomorrow With Two Games

The Humboldt Crabs Baseball Season opens tomorrow with a 12:30 PM afternoon game and an evening game at 7 PM.

 Local radio coverage is available for all Humboldt Crabs games at 1480 AM  KGOE with Hok Holcomb and "The Professor" Benjamin Schaffer. If you are out of the area you can catch your Crabs on the stream here. The radio broadcasts start 20 minutes before the game.

The Arcata Eye reports this week that the stadium is likely to be refurbished next year. Out with the flimsy aluminum bleachers that have been there for about 30 years and in with stadium seats. Other cool stuff about the remodel is available at the Arcata Eye Newspaper but it won't be available until next week unless you buy the actual paper.


  1. Still cannot get use to 1480 being KGOE instead of KRED with their studio at 6th and E in Eureka. Same with 1340 being KATA with their studio at the south end of South G Street in Arcata..

    1. KRED got a nice upgrade like KINS. KRED when it was 1480 used to broadcast north and south with twin antennas but a storm took one of them out so it was re-licensed to use the single antenna in a circular pattern. When it was north/south they say you could pick it up going over the Golden Gate Bridge. Now we broadcast into the mountain which goes nowhere and over the ocean where there aren't a lot of people. KATA used to be stronger too but the old owners there did the same thing and when the antenna was broken in a storm, they re-licensed it for the shorter antenna and it doesn't have the power it used to have. Some say that one day, everyone will just listen to the internet streams.


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