Monday, June 24, 2013

How Much Aluminum Is In Northern California Rain Water?

If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and is sprayed into the skies where the ducks fly, shouldn't we  take a closer look?
I haven't sent any samples to any labs yet but this has me intrigued enough to consider testing my rain water.


  1. Discovery Channel had this on the subject:

  2. A couple of points:

    (1) Contrary to one of the central tenets of the chemtrail myth, persistent contrails, including those that spread out and contribute to cloudcover, are not a new or strange phenomenon. They have been reported since at least the 1940s, and are a well-documented phenomenon.

    (2) Michael J Murphy is either a straight-up hoaxster, or just plain clueless. Testing sludge at the bottom of a pond, finding normal levels of aluminum in it, and then saying that those levels are "off the chart" because you're comparing them to expected levels in water (not sludge) is either dishonest, or just really, really stupid.

    By all means, go ahead and test whatever water you want for aluminum. But be sure to use proper protocols to avoid contamination of the sample container and the sample. Since aluminum is so ubiquitous -- it's the 3rd most common element int the earth's crust, and normal levels of aluminum in the soil range from about .07% to about 10%, with the average being around 7% -- contamination of the sample container or the sample can easily occur and will yield wildly inaccurate results. So if you're going to have your water tested, either you'd better do a lot of research into proper procedures for sampling, collecting, and handling the samples, or else get a professional outfit to do the whole thing, from collection right through analysis. Just taking some samples out of your rain gauge (with residues of aluminum from many past rains) or scooping some water out of a running creek (which contains suspended solids), or pouring water from your tap into a mason jar (multiple potential sources of contamination of the sample) isn't going to yield a valid result.

    Bottom line: Aluminum is all around us, at fairly high levels, which is not the least bit surprising given that it is the 3rd most common element in the earth's crust, given its normal presence in windblown dust, and given the numerous industrial practices and pollution sources that add additional amounts to the atmosphere. So there's no mystery as to why aluminum can be found in substantial amounts in soil, air, and water.

    And, while I know it's considered rude to mention this in chemtrail-true-believer circles, there's of course no evidence whatsoever that it's being sprayed by aircraft.

  3. Thanks for your analysis but much of it has no more credence than the people in the video that made their points.

    You didn't debunk the readings in the snow. There are not many smelting plants or other sources for airborne aluminum here in the forests of the north coast or Redding for that matter. And what about PH levels?

    And Anonymous, if you really want people to take you seriously, you have to get yourself a name like the rest of us.

  4. The whole notion of "chemtrails" is promoted by Monsanto to discredit uneducated hippies.

  5. Replies
    1. I don't have anything to back that up but then neither do you.

  6. You can discredit me, Tom, for being anonymous, but Re: anonymous @ 11:26 comment...

    The glaring fact is that while the number of large aircraft flights are about half of what they were through the golden era of large aircraft transport (safe to say until the mid-1980's) the obviousness of "contrail cloudcover" is through the roof like never before. That is, there are far fewer flights yet far more "contrails" that create very unique bands of "cloudcover". Any way you choose to look at it, the Humboldt sky is no longer a stranger to airplane exhaust regularly shrouding the area in some sort of weighted vapor. The day of Oysterfest was the first time in a long time I'd seen obvious criss-crossing "contrails"...very little aircraft activity at all lately.

    1. I'll ad that the nature of the "contrail" cloudcover has changed since they first began regularly appearing in our sky. Until around 2010 there were fewer crafts, almost always in tandem (visibly, or mere minutes apart) that left trails intact from horizon to horizon. Since then the amount of aircraft leaving weighted vapor has increased significantly, and they're practicing what the chemtrail freaks refer to as on-off spraying...intermittent bursts that dissipate the same way, but because of large breaks between them, they look much more natural over time.

      I can think of all sorts of reasons for creating unnatural cloudcover, primarily to stave ground temperatures over a really large area from rising enough fractions of a percent than to allow the increasing air temperatures to wreak ye so much havoc from moisture loss etc. Or something. I don't go the route thinking there's a chemical conspiracy as far as dosing the population with virus/anti-virus etc., who knows though. Breathing airplane exhaust can't be a good thing. A whole lot less mosquitos than ever around here, that's for sure.

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