Friday, July 19, 2013

Citizen Koch- By Elsewhere Films

This is just a link to the trailer. Thom Hartmann says the movie has been scrubbed from the web after NPR pulled it when the Koch brothers complained. You and I know nothing can be completely scrubbed off the web so I share the trailer link and ask anyone that finds the movie to post it here under the comments section so we can all watch and share it.

The information at the site I found talks about the movie funding being pulled but makes it sound like the movie was never made. Thom Hartmann made it seem otherwise. 


  1. I did find this from Democracy Now! Maybe I didn't hear Thom Hartmann right.

  2. So the film is made. So it's really important. So road show the film like all the other bloody knuckled indy film makers and earn dvd/ticket sales, and get the really important message to the people. They're internet panhandling for big money, it's a pathetic ploy. How much has been donated to them so far so we can all pay to see the really important message? While they sit at home checking their internet income daily, sipping their half decaf jamocha latte. They've already got national attention, couldn't be a better commercial for them. Really lame. A perfect example of false grass roots movements/businesses in this new online world of popular media.


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