Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Help Save Red's Crescent Drive-In In Crescent City

You may have noticed that I list local movie listings on my blog. I don't take any gratuity for the listing as this blog is not monetized. I do this as a public service.  I also recently added the only drive-in on the North Coast, Red's Crescent Drive-in.
Red's Crescent Drive-In Crescent City Ca.

I also take no gratuity for the drive-in listing. I only want the place to stay in business and mostly for nostalgic reasons. That's why I am asking people to vote for Red's Crescent Drive-In to get a new projector.

You see, a format change to for movies will require drive-in's to upgrade to an expensive $80-thousand dollar projector to view movies next year.  Most drive-in's in the US won't be able to afford the upgrade and so Honda is giving away 5 of these projectors to the drive-in's that get the most votes.

Just go to the link below and vote for your favorite drive-in. I suggest Red's Crescent Drive-In in Crescent City.

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  1. Thanks for the notification. Red's is a North Coast treasure. I remember when there was the Arcata Drive In (near Janes Road), the Midway Drive In (at Indianola Cutoff) and a drive in the name I have forgotten on Old Arcata Road near Indianola Cutoff.


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