Friday, August 16, 2013

Mad River Summerfest Cancelled Tonight

I was thinking of going to this and even camping out but things are all screwed up tonight. See this from The Lost Coast Outpost. Evidently there was a problem with insurance or a permit or something.

The word Bummerfest has been thrown around already. As of this, tomorrow is still up in the air.

 Update! Here's the latest from their facebook:
We paid and signed for event insurance before this weekend. Lack of communitcation with our insurance company is what lead to the cancellation of our event.

We are in the works of putting together another free event as compensation for those of you who came out, we appologize but we can not give you a refund.

Our vendors will be refunded their money!

We are all members of this community and are extremely disappointed as well. We love you guys! Hopefully we can make it up to you! Thank you for your support and understanding, stay posted!

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