Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Rob Arkley's Lawyers Threaten North Coast Journal With Restraining Order

I have heard him described as a philanthropist, shrewd business man and a rich bully. He is Robin Arkley Junior and he is all of those things to me. I have never met the man but have known of his accomplishments and short comings for about 14 years or so.

He is responsible for the nice boardwalk along Old Town Eureka's waterfront. It was one his pet projects. Most people like the boardwalk. He also is responsible for completely refurbishing the old Sweasy Theater in Down Town Eureka. It had become a department store for years and was all hacked and chopped up. That didn't stop Arkley from pouring his money into the boarded up building and turning it back into a high class theater for the performing arts. It closed a couple of months ago and no one knows why.

He is also responsible for, or lets call it disdain for Bill Pierson which owns many properties in Humboldt, has a contracting business and what is arguably the largest hardware store in the county. Arkley has said that he wanted to bring Home Depot into Eureka to put a damper on Bill's businesses. Arkley has acquired the land for his Home Depot project and it's right on the Eureka water front. It's a property called the Balloon Tract that used to serve the old railroad that is no longer in service. The project has sat for years with no ground breaking due mostly to the poor economy and Home Depot's scaling back their expansion plans for new stores. Piersons Building Center and Bill's other enterprises are still going strong.

Then there was the event where Arkley supposedly shoved Eureka Councilman Larry Glass in 2007.
(from the Times-Standard)
Sept. 7 -- Glass files report in Arkley incident -- Eureka Councilman Larry Glass called in a report to the Eureka Police Department alleging businessman Rob Arkley verbally threatened him and shoved him at a Coastal Commission reception. A senior vice president for Arkley's Security National said he understood there was no physical contact, but rather a verbal exchange concerning Arkley's daughters.
A few months back, Arkley appeared on the local Rush Limbaugh radio staion KINS to talk with Brian Papstien while he was in town visiting and said that he was going to get the Chinese to help him fund a railroad from Eureka to somewhere south of Redding Ca. He said his holdings of materials in the area were enough freight to justify building a brand new railroad. Last week the old Northwestern Pacific Railroad which has been dead for years in Eureka and is now just a shell called The North Coast Railroad Authority hinted that they were considering bankruptcy any day now. 

Robin Arkley, who used to be a local business man decided that California's taxes were too much to bear so he moved to Louisiana where his main business is located. They went bankrupt. So it is no surprise to me that he is upset with people or reporters trying to contact him and ask about the now defunct theater and balloon tract property that still sits empty with a big sign on it saying what a nice place it will be someday. 

While he has done some great things that he will be remembered for long after he dies, many will simply remember Robin Arkley Jr. as a bully that wasn't  happy unless he has his way. Now he is trying to have his way with the local weekly newspaper the North Coast Journal and they aren't having any of it.

Read what Ryan Burns and the North Coast Journal have to say about Arkley's latest threat here. 


  1. Excellent article, Ryan.
    Thank you.

  2. Arkley on one hand and the North Coast Urinal on the other. What a choice.

  3. What happened on one hand and what some wished had happened on the other, what a great choice indeed.

  4. Mr. Arkley's donation to the waterfront is appreciated, but it's the citizens of Eureka that are the largest single contributors, and they will continue to subsidize it into perpetuity.

    However, in true Eureka-form, the "Citizens of Eureka" are the only contributors to be omitted from the two massive commemorative plaques at the waterfront.

  5. The arkley center is fantastic, as are their other contributions to the area. It's very sad that the arkley center is closing, and more of a ahame that they're not being straighforward about it, pretending that it's only a temporary closure for remodelling. If, in fact, the closure is genuinely due to mandatory retrofitting, then of course I appologize, but I seriously doubt it. Call it an intelligent hunch. The arkley center failed in that it was simply way too wine and cheese, not enough everyday person. It cost too much for an act to rent, etc. I have no idea how they were running the place, but eureka isn't downtown san francisco...or even suburban berkeley. There's no way they could have hoped to keep it running as it has been and break even. The Eureka Symphony is a local treasure...bar none top quality orchestral music literally performed by humboldt's best musician's in the field. It sucks that they;ve lost such an ideal performance center.

    As for the restraining order, I could wax political but those points are obvious. They wanted to have their picture taken with arnold schwarzenegger well enough to be his fourth largest campaign contributor...let them reap what they've politically sown. Heaven forbid they have to admit to themselves they've made a shit ton of financial mistakes, thinking of the public as a financial resource rather than people who might actually aspire to live a lifestyle like theirs someday.


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