Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Eureka City Council Special Meeting To Ban Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Thursday

Cancelled! According to a tweet from local talk station KINS this meeting tonight has been cancelled. 

Tomorrow the City Council of Eureka will hold a special meeting tomorrow at 5 pm. What's the agenda for the special meeting? A ban on medical marijuana dispensaries withing Eureka.

This is from Eureka Councilwoman Linda Atkins facebook page.

Please come and let your views be known.

For those of you who don't get the Paper (a few I think), I wanted to let you know that the Eureka City Council has a Medical Cannabis Dispensary Ban on our agenda for a Special Meeting tomorrow Thursday September 26 at 5pm. We spent many months drafting and refining an ordinance that would allow people to purchase medical cannabis from legal sources in our town. Now, even after the California Supreme Court ruled that cities have the right to regulate medical cannabis and the DOJ has specifically mentioned local ordinances regulating medical cannabis as being a step in the right direction in keeping criminals from profiting from the sale of medical cannabis, the City of Eureka has a ban on a Special Meeting Agenda.

How does this happen? We had not one negative testimony from the public during our consideration of the ordinance. Please come and let your Council know how you feel about this.

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  1. Thanks for the word, Tom and Linda Atkins. The word I heard this morning is that the meeting has been canceled-- at least for now. If in doubt or to let them know your opinion on the matter, you can call the Eureka City Hall at 441-4144.


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