Monday, September 23, 2013

Warnersville, The New Book By Susan Morton Of Trinidad

Local Trinidad artist and resident Susan Morton, known by many as the team leader for the Redwood Express horse drawn wagon rides in Trinidad has written a book.

From the publisher, Tate Publishing and Enterprises, LLC.:
 Warnersville is a glimpse into small town life in the 1970's and early 1980's with all its drama, comedy and characters. Susan writes about some of the incidents she responded to as a pioneer woman in the fire service, and also some of the daily comedy experienced and the characters in a small town.

From the book:
"The barn was fully involved in flames when we rolled up. I was a Fire Captain then, so I quickly organized two teams of two firefighters each to handle the 1 1/2" attack lines. I was between them as we were advancing toward the flames when I began to hear strange buzzing and whizzing sounds. 'Buzzzzzzzzz....thunk! Whizzzzzzz.....thunk!' I was pondering this when I saw a bullet on the ground and I realized that the fire was shooting at us!"

Susan Morton will be doing a couple of book signing events coming up.

This Thursday 9-26-13 at the new library in Trinidad, 380 Janis Court, Trinidad 95570 at 7:00 pm

Also on Saturday 10-5-13 at Tina's Photography, 533 F. Street in Eureka Ca. 95501 6 to 9 pm.

Susan Morton's Redwood Express Horse Drawn Wagon

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