Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A Fantastic Voice At The Lighthouse Grill

The Lighthouse Grill in Trinidad Ca. has light entertainment on Sunday nights from 5 to 7 ish. I have seen several musicians here because it is a great local venue for me with locally sourced, organic if possible, healthy or at least super real food. I like food and have liked food for about as long as I can remember. So when I can combine food , beer and wine with music and local, local, local, I have to love it.

This past Sunday when I was having fish and chips on a sunny 80 ish degree day, a voice from the girl on the patio just took over all of my thoughts. I had to rush to the patio and video tape (no tape it was my cell phone) what was left of a great performance. 

Here is local writer, photographer, musician, English instructor and fantastic singer Josephine Johnson and her acquaintance Alex on the patio of the said grill in Trinidad on that very day.


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  1. I was told that Josephine would be playing the first Sunday of the month for the near future.


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