Friday, October 18, 2013

Bevmo Grand Opening In Eureka Today

A large line of people that wrapped around the building this morning were waiting eagerly to get a glimpse inside of Eureka's newest liquor store, BevMo! The dark and foggy weather had no affect on the large crowd that turned out for the festivities.

The chain of privately held  beverage stores that specializes in beer, wine and liquor started in California in 1994 and has grown to about 148 stores in California and Arizona.

Today's grand opening and ribbon cutting includes a DJ spinning tunes in the parking lot and a table full of BevMo! bags that may or may not  contain BevMo! goodies. I didn't explore that as I had to get to work and I never shop for liquor before noon.


  1. Hi Tom! We're really excited to be in Eureka. The goody bags were filled with bar accessories (no alcohol.) We hope you'll stop by soon to check out the store.

    We have tastings all weekend in the new store. Then we have them every Friday night (4-7) and Saturday (2-5.)


  2. Again, with over 2 dozen places to by alcohol in Eureka, does Eureka really need another liquor store?

  3. I can only think of one other place that actually has a fantastic selection and that would be Johns in Myrtletown. BevMo has a variety that is unsurpassed. If the city has too many places to buy liquor, the market will sort that out, right?

  4. Don't you worry, the market will sort itself out and BevMo's fantastic selection will dwindle down to the more popular brands, and end up being like any other liquor store.

  5. Well, as long as their product is cheap and can be re-tasked to serve as industrial disinfectant, paint thinner, drain cleaner and lighter fluid; they'll probably do quite well in Eureka.

  6. Local shops are still a way to go. They may not have a huge variety but as long as they carry what I drink I will go local. Going local is what Humboldt County is about.

  7. I totally agree with shopping at local small liquor store.

  8. Thrilled BevMo is now in Eureka. Their special sales are fantastic! Now I don't have to drive out of town to find the wines I like (which I couldn't find locally). Now I can buy "local" at a store that I like. Glad there are more choices in Eureka now. "Small stores" are cute quaint and serve a niche but aren't for everyone.


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