Saturday, November 16, 2013

Caltrans And Other Construction Work Near Trinidad and Westhaven

According to a recent Caltrans press release:

A seismic retrofit project at the Westhaven Drive Undercrossing Bridge and the Sixth Avenue Overcrossing Bridge on US Highway 101 near Westhaven is scheduled to begin with placement of temporary guardrail on Monday, November 18. Work hours are 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., weekdays. Traffic will be restricted to one lane in each direction of travel, and motorists may experience minor traffic slowdowns. Bridge work will consist of reinforcing bridge columns.
Westhaven Drive US 101 Undercrossing just south of 6th ave. 

This seismic retrofit project will also include work at the Trinidad Road Undercrossing Bridge beginning in January 2014. The contractor is Golden State Bridge, Inc. of Martinez.

The project is estimated to be completed by summer 2014. Please watch for bicyclists when traveling through the area, and remember to Slow for the Cone Zone.  

In addition to all that work by Caltrans, there is extensive work being done on Scenic Drive from Trinidad to about 500 feet south of Lanford Road. The new 6 inch pipe will replace an old deteriorating 3 inch water pipe. This will help increase fire safety but may cause delays on Scenic Drive between Trinidad and Lanford Rd.

Here is some information from a PDF put out by the Planning Commission.

Rancheria 2013-02: Grading Permit and Coastal Development Permit for
construction of approximately 2,300 feet of 6 in. water main along Scenic Drive in
order to meet current City standards and provide adequate fire flows to the Trinidad
Rancheria. Work also includes tie in to existing laterals, a new fire hydrant, flush
hydrant, valves, paving and erosion control. The project will replace an existing 3 in. 03-20-13

DRAFT Planning Commission Meeting Minutes Page 3 of 5
Water Pipe Trenching Machine Trinidad
water main connection from Scenic to Westhaven along Lanford and under Hwy
101. The Lanford Road portion will remain to serve existing connections, and the
portion running under the freeway will be capped and abandoned in the future.
Located within City of Trinidad and Humboldt County Rights-of-Way along Scenic
Drive from Main Street to approximately 500 ft. south of Lanford Road.

Parker clarifies that the Stability and Alquist-Priolo sections should be disregarded; they are
language left over from the previous Caltrans project last month. This project is on a more
stable section of Scenic Drive and the Alquist-Priolo regulations apply to human-occupied

Commissioner Comment
Commissioner Becker clarifies that this project is not meant to increase usage, and Planner
Parker responds that yes, but the project is improving pipes to standard sizes, which means
larger pipes. This will improve fire flows on Lanford Rd and reduce the likelihood of failure
from undersized lines. It will not increase available service connections, though.
See entire PDF


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