Sunday, November 10, 2013

Choose Veterans Charities Wisely

The Tampa Bay Times has a list that they are calling America's Worst Charities. The list shows what they say are the 50 worst charities based on the amount of money raised and the amount of money spent on raising money.

On that list were 5 charities for US Veterans. In honor of our veterans this Veterans Day, I thought I should pass these along so that if you choose to give to veterans charities, you give to ones that actually help veterans more than themselves.

Here are the 5 that made the naughty list:

1. National Veterans Service Fund
2. The Veterans Fund also Veterans Fund Inc.
(this charity didn't show up in a simple google search)
3. Veterans Assistance Foundation
4. Circle of Friends for American Veterans
5. Our American Veterans
(this charity didn't show up in a simple google search)

The list of 50 worst charities based on spending and fund raising can be found here at The Tampa Bay Times

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