Monday, November 18, 2013

Fuel Rods Now Being Removed From Fukushima, ABC News Report Possible Evacuations For West Coast US

The removal of 1,331 spent fuel rods and 202 unused rods or assemblies began today in Japan .

The private for profit corporation TEPCO is trying to pull the rods, one by one out of packages in the spent fuel pool that sits 4 stories above ground in a severely damaged Reactor 4 at the Diichi Nuclear Plant complex in Fukushima Japan.  It was said that the removal of each rod was like removing cigarettes from a crushed package with a robot. If a rod is exposed to the air by being brought out of the pool while being transferred to metal casks being put also inside the holding pool, they will burst into flames.  The radiation and plutonium will then escape possibly igniting the entire pool and that would be real bad. How bad? One scientist said that it could require a west coast evacuation.

Watch the ABC News video that was released on Friday.

It should be noted that today, during the first day of the operation there was a 5.7 magnitude earthquake reported off shore and south of the crippled reactor. 

For more see this at Truth Out by Harvey Wasserman.


  1. got worthwhile info. The truth is likely far worse than what ABC is revealing.

  2. Worse? Gee thanks gogord, I think.

  3. ...and thousands would die in japan. And that vague number is being conservative. Half of japan could die, maybe all. If we have to evacuate, just think how bad it would be in Japan.


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